Custom Cabinetry

We design & build functional, beautiful cabinets.

Our Services & Products

Kitchen Innovations designs, manufactures, and installs custom cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, or any space that would benefit from the addition of quality, functional cabinets – residential or commercial.


One size never fits all. These aren’t generic factory models finessed into a particular space or setting. Our custom cabinets are precisely devised, measured, cut, assembled, and implemented with your unique situation in mind. We work with homeowners, landlords, general contractors, home builders, remodelers, and commercial project managers. No job is too large or small.


Do you appreciate outstanding craftsmanship that is built specifically for your needs and routines? So do we – give us a call today and see why we are the perfect match!


new build? renovation? remodelling?
from design to installation, we have you covered.

01. Custom Cabinetry

Every house has its small structural flaws, and we take this into account when we perform our measurements. This is the first step towards finding a solution that will literally fit your lifestyle. 

Our cabinets are crafted to meet both the carefully measured specifications of your space as well as your own personal needs. Would you like an extra shelf? A deeper drawer? Cutlery organizers? A laundry hamper? We can incorporate all that and more, for one simple reason: we design and build your cabinets for you and only you.

Our cabinets offer unmatched beauty and refined elegance, but look deeper. Examine the precision of the CNC machined edges and the ruggedness of the dowel joinery. There are no nails or staples used here. Every contact point is exact so that the whole will be perfect. 

There are no surprises. When you hire Kitchen Innovations you can have complete confidence that, when your cabinets arrive and are installed, everything will fit the way it’s supposed to – never squeezed, forced, or made to fit. Our certified installers have years of experience and are committed to making sure your new kitchen will be a source of pride for years to come.

02. Countertops

Cut to match, made to stun.

Are you building the kitchen of your dreams? Then top it off with a custom countertop (quartz, granite or laminate) by Kitchen Innovations.

Although it may seem like a finishing touch, your choice of countertop material and design rests heavily on decisions made earlier in the renovation process. Without a solid foundation, even the most well-crafted countertop can fail to live up to your expectations.

Starting with a complimentary visit, we will work with you to survey your space and determine any existing structural issues before moving forward with a suitable range of solutions. You can be confident that every possible variable will be noted before a single cut is made.

If you are ordering custom cabinets built by Kitchen Innovations, we will ensure that the cabinets and countertops will be engineered not only to function as intended but to stunningly complement one another on an aesthetic level. We work with laminate, quartz, granite, and other specialty services. Select the surface that’s right for you and we will guarantee a perfect fit every time.

Our focused attention to quality control during all stages of the manufacturing process allows us to maintain the same strict standards for jobs of any scale. If you are a home builder or developer, we have the skills, resources, and professionalism to deliver boutique-level quality on bulk-sized orders.

We work together with local tile companies that offer stylish tile backsplashes guaranteed to coordinate beautifully with the rest of your new kitchen. Contact us today and we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

03. Hardware

An exceptional product hinges on exceptional components. Just as our cabinetry is custom manufactured to meet your unique requirements, the hardware we offer is specifically chosen to provide outstanding functionality while perfectly complimenting your cabinet’s beauty. 

Your initial price quote will include a range of hardware finish options, from contemporary and modern to rustic and traditional, such as stainless steel, black, chrome, andbrushed oil rubbed bronze. Or, if you are looking for something even more distinct, we have a large selection of premium pulls, cup pulls, knobs, and handles available as upgrades.

We use only Blum drawer slides in all of our custom cabinets due to their proven reputation for providing top-of-the-line hardware that features precision craftsmanship, excellent weight rating specifications, and is guaranteed for life.  Contact Kitchen Innovations today to add the finishing touches to your custom cabinetry.

04. Our Paint Booth

Kitchen Innovations takes pride in personally overseeing every step of your custom build – that’s why we manufacture it all in house. So why would we farm our paint work out to a third party?

The painting process is the #1 cause of delays. When using a third-party service you are subject to their schedule, resulting in possible time and budget overruns. Kitchen Innovations is equipped with a full-service paint booth so that your custom work will be completed on time and on budget, while ensuring that our paint quality and consistency meets the same exacting standards as the rest of our process.

Our paints and facilities are fully approved for safety compliance as well as environmental responsibility. Contact Kitchen Innovations today to add a bit of colour to your world.


Our Process

You’ve made the exciting decision to create or remodel an area of your home or business to better suit the needs of those who use it. So what’s the next step? We want to hear about your vision. We want to evaluate your space; how it is currently used and how you aspire to align it with your goals. And, most importantly, we want to provide you with the resources, consultation, and options to help you harmonize your individual style and mood with your home or workspace.

Design Consultation

Kitchen Innovations will provide you with a custom solution that showcases your commitment to quality, organization, and functionality while perfectly reflecting your own unique personality.

Precise Measurements

Always the perfect fit - our cabinetry will slide into place with ease. Perfection demands attention to detail, so we take care when measuring in order to stay on schedule while ensuring your final product will be built to last.


Before we begin the actual build, we use these precise measurements to create a 3D rendering of your project. This process will allow you to visualize the final product and make any final revisions before we get to work.


Now the magic happens. Our expert team begins the process of cutting, assembling and painting – all performed with the utmost care in order to maintain the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility. And we do it all in-house, where we can strictly observe and manage every stage of the job.


Our installation team transports your cabinetry to the location for final installation. Millwork, counter tops, and decor all fit precisely together to reveal your incredible new space.


We will fully engage you with the final inspection to ensure that every detail is reviewed, critiqued, and tested to verify that perfection has been achieved.

Why Kitchen Innovations


Over 50 years of combined experience.


Our team is 100% dedicated to delivering an unparalleled service experience, guaranteed.


We work with you to ensure your project is beautiful & functional.


Top quality materials ensure your cabinets stand the test of time.


Located in High River, we service the Foothills, Okotoks and Southern Alberta.


From our paints and lacquers to our engineered spray booth, we protect the earth.

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